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Our central messages are based on what scientific studies and ancient spiritual wisdom has found and thought to be essential to well-being.

Our vision is to be known worldwide for our quality in artistic material and content. Our products include books, printed art, music and animated videos.

I have super powers...
So do you!
Our First book to come out!

This book was created to help children to know and understand their intellectual factors and how to use them constructively to go after and achieve what they want, with a positive and relax state of mind It is well documented by scientific studies that if we use our intellectual factors in a positive manner we can obtain what we want (Yes, this also applies to you, adult reading this book to your children!).

So let's use this super powers we were gifted with like the way science and ancient spiritual wisdom recommend.

the founder and author

She studied a Bachelors degree in Psychology in México and holds a Master and a diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy in Switzerland and Denmark.

She has worked as a teacher and psychotherapist of children, teens and adults in private and public Institutions. In 2002 she left México to go and work as first grade teacher to a suburb in Chicago, it was then she fell in love with children book.

Now back home in México and a proud mother of two boys who inspired her, put together her understanding of psychology, art and spiritual wisdom she has studied to provide children in a fun and understandable manner essential information for their well being, that according to science works.